Erosion Control

EPA regulations and other laws require each project to have erosion controls to prevent possible pollutants from entering storm drains, nearby streams or impacting other areas. Our team ensures your project stays compliant with EPA regulations and local building codes. We begin by assessing the nature of the land to evaluate the needs for your project. Our team will then install erosion and sediment controls such as silt fencing, inlet protections, and blankets to prevent any water erosion. Our experience, combined with state-of-the-art equipment turns your job site and project from potentially hazardous to environmentally friendly.

Earth Work & Grading

It's more than moving dirt. Having a stable surface to start on is essential to beginning any construction project. Sub-optimal workmanship can create costly issues down the road including soil and rock creep, settlement, and problems with surface drainage. Trust us to complete your earth work and grading so that you don't pay for it later. From completely redesigning the landscape of the site to creating a level area to lay your foundation, we will make sure you can build whatever you have planned knowing the base is solid. Our team will adapt to whatever the site has in store for us—we have the experience and skill to tackle every site condition. We use a modern grading system that includes tools like GPS grading devices and advanced equipment to reach the level you need in order to start building.


Pipe systems, including main and lateral lines, storm drains and sanitary sewers play a vital role in the construction of any residential or commercial building project. If installed improperly, problems can arise and sewers and drainage can be costly to repair or replace once the building is there. Trust our safe and accurate team to install it correctly, prior to building. Installing pipe systems starts with measuring, determining slope and then digging the trench and laying the pipe. We take these necessary steps to make sure the installed system flows properly and is less susceptible to damage over time from freezing, groundwater, or soil changes.

Trucking & Hauling

At Precision Excavating and Grading, we support our trucking needs in house. We have experience moving heavy equipment, including excavators and dozers, to all of our own job sites. With the vast knowledge and experience of our lowboy drivers, we pride ourselves on hauling equipment safely and securely all over the central & western New Jersey region. In addition to hauling our own equipment, we similarly have in house dump trucks, and drivers, that haul our everyday needs. This includes, but is not limited to, dirt, aggregate rock, concrete, and asphalt millings. Our dump truck drivers also pride themselves on outstanding safety and productivity of hauling for Precision Excavating. Handling our own logistics of moving equipment and hauling stone allows Precision Excavating the flexibility to adapt to the turbulent schedule of the construction industry.

Pavers & Retaining Walls

Patios are among the most sought after outdoor living features of homeowners in the state. If you're planning a home improvement project, or you want to extend your indoor living space to your outdoor area, we can help. Our specialties include stone pavers, patios, walkways, driveways, landscape/structural retaining walls, stone boulder landscape, firepits, fireplaces, seat walls, fountains, marble structures/stone sculpture installation, low voltage outdoor lighting and more.

Septic Installation

Septic tank systems are an important, (and generally) unseen priority for all who use them. In recent times, we’re also aware of how septic services directly affect the environment locally and even on a grand scale. Though you may not be linked to a sewer system and all the convenience and efficiencies that apply, you need the same services that allow for the comfort and sanitation of people who live and visit your home and business. It is important to keep in mind that care and maintenance of the total septic system is critical to avoid problem issues later, and not contribute to any negative impact on natural resources like groundwater.

Mold Remediation

Mold growth within the living area of the home, such as a basement or kitchen, must be conducted in a very careful manner. Generally, according to the EPA, areas of less than 10 square feet can be handled by the average homeowner or property manager. Areas that are larger than this may require the attention of a professional. Containment of the work area, removal of affected materials, cleaning and decontaminating of contained areas and preventative measures are all required for the remediation of mold within living areas.


Precision Excavating LLC, specializes in waterproofing. Our patented, safe, and effective waterproofing method can be used on foundations consisting of poured concrete, block, brick, stone, red clay tile plus crawl spaces and slabs. If your basement is wet or has water, dampness, cracks, seepage or other signs of moisture, please call us for a foundation inspection!

Foundation Repair

If you’re experiencing settling foundations, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists, a sinking slab, and cracked slab or if the building is on unsuitable foundation soils, we have the solution to your problem. We have professional concrete contractors that have the knowledge to make your repairs as swift and painless as possible. We offer concrete pressed piling systems, we offer an affordable foundation repair cost for your home foundation problems. We are a locally owned company providing services to the central and western Jersey areas.

Work You Can Count On

At Precision Excavating, we deliver fast and reliable service with every job and customer. Our number one priority is to satisfy the customer and do things right the first time and have it last many years to come. Don't get ripped off by shady contractors, call us to have it done right, on time, once and at a quality price!


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